8 dog

HEY it’s a great day to chill with your homies! Run with the pack, try not to be a lone wolf (unless you are on a secret spy mission!)

Get your unconditional love flowing, but also be sure your future and your home are secure. We just entered a new “dark” period yesterday that lasts 18 days. So pray for Gaza and Palestine and Israel. They don’t see how obviously they are all brothers and sisters. There is no need for them to believe one culture is separate from the other. The biggest lesson there is forgiveness. They need to learn new responses to old threats if peace is to ever be achieved. Of course, none of the people want war, but their leaders see easy political gain for themselves if they start bombing everything in sight. When they look past their old belief systems (BS) they can finally begin living from their hearts….I am talking about both sides to the conflict, since they are mirror reflections of each other’s ONE consciousness.

Just as the economy will not be fixed until there is Universal debt forgiveness, so too we must learn universal forgiveness in all our relations! (This is something I have been having to learn myself)

Greed = fear of scarcity. When we realize there is total abundance for every living Being on Earth, we can be free just to BE!

One Love,



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