10 road

Hey, when destiny calls, you gotta get on down the road. It is a good road, a long road, and a straight road.

Stay humble and the universe can shower you with gifts. Be careful not to rack up any bad karma points, just keep helping others and showing them the way of the Tao.

Life can pick you up easily when your heart is as light as a feather, it is a little harder to be moved when you are weighed down by heavy thoughts and feelings of guilt and fear.

Forgive yourself and others may find it easier to forgive you.

I am sorry that I have done hurtful things to others in the past, I open my heart to the universe to find a way to heal those mistakes and transmute the sufferings I may have caused to feelings of liberation and abundance in all my relations.

I AM the Violet Flame in me burning out impurity.

Blessings and love,




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