Light monkey, weave the strands of light beams around our hearts.
Let’s continue making way for peace and stop the seeking of revenge, is forgiveness so hard a lesson to learn? Do we not see the benefit of peace? Woven in the fabric of yesterday, our new tomorrow is rising before our eyes, how much more suffering and death is to be inflicted before our leaders learn the path of peace? Maybe it is in the very concept of leadership where we are not letting ourselves free to follow only our hearts?

Though we tear ourselves apart, still we are one and cannot unweave the cords of light and love. Didn’t anyone think just to play “Romeo and Juliette” over and over again across the middle east, especially Israel and Palestine?

I want to travel the holy land one dy without fear of either side blowing me to bits….don’t you?

One hard new lesson is learning to avoid sympathy and have only compassion. Sympathy tells you someone has been wronged and you feel bad with them, compassion sees that there is no victim and no perpetrator, there is only old problems that are in denial of the obvious solution….stop the retaliations and show the other you laid down your defences.

Praying for us to live the solution!



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