11 Reed – new sheriff in town

Well, it looks like Libya is finally liberated….not that they won’t need another liberation from the international banking cartels soon!

It is good to finally have a memorial to Dr. Martin Luther King in the National Mall (how corporate sounding is that?)

This is the kind of energy day 11 Reed that changes the laws. Now is the time to let the Heart rule! (It is sort of a combination of my parents’ energies. My dad is 4 Reed and my mom is 11 Crocodile). A change in the patriarchal attitudes is called for today. Redesigning your house? Changing plans for your new project? Allowing harmless behavior to pass without arresting anyone would be a good policy to adopt. We have seen people get arrested for dancing and selling lemonade in public! The gall of these cops is astounding. Now is the time for NORML to get focused and point out that Mota harms no one and has real healing properties.

Ascension is coming! Are you ready? Of course you know we are talking about a frequency shift, not getting a ride on Jesus’ fluffy white cloud.

11:11! Do you know where your heart is at?

Tomorrow is 12 jaguar, btw, that means it will be my birthday tzolkin! Lots of Love!



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