12 Ix! Me day!

I will attempt not to sound full of myself during this writing. Like other 12 jaguar days, I feel incredibly blessed to be alive. I stirred up trouble at the New Braunfels city council meeting last night, but my lawyer tells me not to discuss at present…it’s so fun and juicy though, I can hardly contain myself!

There was an EarthQuake on the US east coast today! Mother earth is speaking to the halls of “power” today also! What is this “power” and why would intelligent people, such as US citizens and people everywhere give up so much of their own power of life to sustain the current “system”?

Those Systems have built themselves up for hundreds of years, passing itself to smaller and smaller cadres of families and corporate structures. The political systems themselves admit that they are money-making machines and that is their sole reason to exist….but money for who? Obviously those employed within the System!

As an individual, you have a God/creator/source energy signature that determines how you live our life…many people choose very different from each other, obviously, but until we appreciate the inalienable rights of our earth family members, we keep hurting instead of loving.

Oh, I got my Internet back today!




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