13 eagle, 1 owl

Hi All you glorious reflections of the great One consciousness!

Yesterday was 13 Eagle, and I was at a place in Austin known as the White House! 13 Eagle is represented on the great seal of the United States as an eagle holding 13 arrows. It should have been olive branches but I guess they wanted a show of strength.

The “White House” I was at yesterday was more about the “white” light of spiritual Enlightenment. It was part of a new sustainable living experiment in a “bad side” of Austin where several houses were transformed into an organic gardening oasis. The White House will be the community art center as well as healing arts and whatever the citizens living in the area choose to make of it!

The Creation Flame/Church of Awesome was the host for the evening. After we toured the gardens with perma-culture expert Theron Beaudreau, Wesley Thoricatha led a nice meditation circle and discussion of Community cultivation. Lightning blessed the sky as Wesley spoke powerful words of truth! Everything we do should be for the benefit of building community. A few other guests said that this was their first experience of community that did not involve drugs and alcohol! This is clearly the wave of the future. As we sat in meditation I envisioned my future in a new home with other beautiful souls where we could have similar gardening/sustainability projects going on.

Today is 1 Owl, so we can take a moment to breath and sit still as we ponder ways to reconcile our Beingness with the “outside” world. Miracle of miracles, we got a little rain here in central Texas after months of serious drought! Boy howdy, we still need much more to really break the drought!

There is only 65 days left before 13 Ahau, the “more probable” correct date of the end of the Maya calendar. Please let me know if you have a space where you think we can have a Maya Fire ceremony between now and then.

Tomorrow is 2 Earthquake! We have had a few here in the US recently (12 Jaguar day!) so I pray the Universe and Gaia be gentle with us as we go through the final adjustments of the Earth “chi” into cosmic alignment.

We are technically in the 5th “night” period of the universal Underworld. This harkens back to 2008 when we were in the 5th night of the galactic Underworld. That was when the stock market crashed and Lehman Brothers bank folded like a house of cards. Ironically, that was one of the best periods for my previous relationship. So now things will be 20 times more potent and will take place 20 times faster. Stay positive and ready to float above any Drama! Release all your attachments to the material world! This does NOT mean give your life savings to radical preachers or burn your house and all your belongings, it just means to understand the are more important things in life and we are all about to learn what those things are…hint….a big one of those is Love!

Peace, love and blessings,




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