2 earthquake!

Hey, well I guess we already had a few earthquakes, so the big news today is a hurricane headed to the US east coast where one of the quakes shook three days ago….seems like an eternity already!

I hung my big new painting of the Maya calendar at the Centro Cultural Hispano de San Marcos today. Thanks to Linda Kelsey Jones for the help, and all at the Centro.

The big opening will be sept 17, only 41 days before the end of the calendar! There may be comets visiting us by then.

Today’s energy is hard to figure out, I haven’t experienced any real dualistic challenges except that I am ready to get out of this town! I hear my train a comin’. Gonna leave this lonely place, come back and buy this town, put it all in my shoe.

I gotta put in the lyrics when spirit sends them to me!

Maybe there will be some good earthy music tonight!

Blessing and jah love,

Maya astrology readings are good for your soul! I did one for a friend last night that was incredible, it is good for me to learn about the days as they manifest in you! Email cosmicjaguar@yahoo.com or Skype Carlos Rene Cedillo $60 (sliding scale)




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