Aho Mitakuye Oyasin! Good morning All my relations!

I AM the Violet Flame of St. Germain, the Violet Flame of Freedom’s Love!

I tell you today that the Maya Ancestors are also here and a part of the Violet Flame Ascended Masters. They have left great prophecies from many centuries ago for you understand what is happening to you and to the Earth mother at this time. It is there in the Chilam Balam of Chumayel. The great Jaguar Prophet left many clear messages describing what would unfold at the time you are living in right now!

Today is 5Ahau. The prophecy for the 20 day cycle that ends today describes a time a political repression and abuses the people must suffer at the hands of their “leaders”, and this is exactly what I experienced a week ago at the New Braunfels city council meeting. The end of the prophecy states that vengeance will be swift and will end the suffering of the people and set them straight. The prophecy even mentions the protests that took place in the town square gazebo!

5 Ahau in the Aztec culture is one of the days when you could have too much of a good thing. (5lizard, 5 Rabbit, 5 Road, and 5 Owl are the other days, all of the South)

This morning is the first day after a new moon, and it feels great! The storms have passed, now we can BE in that feeling of Love energy (5).

Only 60 days left until 13 Ahau, the “Holy completion of Time, Truly”!

Are your chakras clear? Are you Allowing the Universe to shower you with blessings? Are you working on raising your spiritual vibrations? Have you cut the cords to anything holding in the lower vibrations?

I offer to you as a service for humanity, readings of the Maya calendar charts to help you align with your highest Good, knowing you purpose and place in the Universe much like a gyroscope brings cycles into balance, so too will you find balance and steady any wobbles! Don’t hesitate any longer, I work on a sliding scale, so don’t think of the expense, the wealth will be returned to you a hundred fold!

Blessings and Love,




2 thoughts on “5Ahau

  1. Kablajuj Kawoq

    Good day to you Carlos- In the Chilam Balam de Chumayel it is also written: “Who will be the prophet, who will be the priest who shall interpret TRULY the word of this book?”
    These books were written cryptically, in a language full of allegory, metaphor and mysticism. …..
    Que el Ajau sigue iluminando su camino….

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