6 Imix

9/11/01 was a 6 Crocodile day like today. Also the day when CIA director came out 260 days later and said that govt. agencies didn’t “connect the dots…” when they got multiple warnings form many different sources before 9/11 happened! Then a few cycles later, Bush was in the hot seat over domestic spying and he said “we need to Connect the Dots….” three times in one paragraph. So watch the videos, especially about WTC building 7 and connect the dots yourself!

Other than that historical connection, today is a great healing day, time to make another fresh start and know that life is getting better all the time! This is often an action day. Since we are at then last part of the tzolkin round, things are really picking up speed. All the cycles great and small are reaching final culmination. The last straw will soon be placed on the camel’s back (the American public being the camel in this case). We will meet our space family any day now and become our true Galactic, universal light being.



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