7 Ik 8 aq’abal Future House!

Happy 8 House future dream hearth day!

What amazing changes, how much beauty and joy are flourishing all around us. yesterday 7 Ik I met some old friends doing something incredibly new! Permaculture and sustainable living communities! Literally in our backyards!

There is no reason to sit around wondering when the world will change and who will do it. We take up shovel, broom or hoe and start putting the seedlings in right now. My friends say there is no place like home. There is no need to go to Hawaii or northern California – nobody knows the
Landscape of your home better than you! You do not need to save money to buy land either, have it granted to you, get permission to squat in exchange for restoring the land to it’s Garden of Eden pristine condition. We are all here to do it together, but why waste gas getting to the job site when there is so much dirt under your feet. Grow local native food-producing species trees, grasses, aquaponics! Variety is the key to creating successful community. Intend that your community make important decisions together. There is no time to wait for upper management back in Chicago or New York to get around to solving your local issues. Re-using grey water and collecting what little rain we may get is also imperative.

Allowing mother nature to heal, in turn heals us. We are the sacred or gone accumulators and we attract natural forces to us and we can impel the universe to clean up the messes of our predecessors.

We should not have to be arrested in order for common sense and heart-felt pleas to be heard in institutions of power.

…..that’s enough ranting for now….

It’ a house day, so I have been cleaning up the new digs. I may have done something dumb and let my cats escape at my folks house! They may just be hiding until they get used to it, or run back to the old house where they grew up. Prayers for my baby kitty’s would be appreciated!




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