10 serpent, 11 Death doubly transformative!

Hey, yesterday was 10 Kan(Chicchan) and it was a great day for me to chill at my new house. Serpent energy is good for sleeping! The coiled serpents guarded the Prajnaparamita Sutras, the books of Perfect Wisdom revealed to Indian philosopher Nagarjuna. But the Kundalini was activated last night with some incredible music by Nadis Warriors and Henry and the Invisibles….they were in two different venues and I wish I could have been both places at once, but decided to stick with Nadis Warriors.

Today is another one of those days that is extremely personal to me. What I want to get across to you all in this blog is that the Maya calendar is a Personal spiritual calendar, so it works best for analyzing your deepest personal issue. This also makes it very difficult to talk about sometimes.

11 Death fell on Memorial day 2007, May 28th, now it’s falling on the day before labor day….I met My ex on that Memorial day, and that was an incredibly Transformative relationship for both of us. I don’t known if that means I will start a new relationship today, but I will be a little more deliberate and this time! Because of the veil being thinnest between the spirit and material worlds today, it may be a time that little souls wishing to re-incarnate on this earth find a set of parents to make it happen! Also, the ancestors of two individuals see them as a good match and do whatever it takes from their side of the veil to bring them together. It could be that some important public figure passes away or that “your show has been cancelled” and you need to find a new calling.

We are nearing the end of all these cycles, large and small, so be careful not to get caught up in any drama…learn to detach and float above it all. The outcome will be far better if you allow the universe to decide for you the best path to take. Tell the universe exactly what you want in as clear terms as you can annunciate and it may just fall into your lap! If you aren’t sure, better just meditate and clear your mind of any confusion or doubt. Life is good and getting better.

Before I forget….there are interesting days coming, 12deer and 13rabbit. Spend some good time in nature tomorrow and tune into your psychic abilities, dreams and astral projection! Tuesday, 13 Rabbit, prepare to be spoiled rotten, or spoil someone else rotten! Then on 1 Water, be prepared to be taken for a ride on the Mothership!

Love and peace,



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