13 Rabbit….Cosmic Venus Warrior

Woah! What an neat day this has been. I know it’s a little late already if you didn’t realize this was going to be such a potent day, I wish I could have warned you. I felt the winds of change blowing, more like a Death wind, Sunday. That kicked up the massive fires in Bastrop, Tx very visible yesterday as I was clearing paths in a forest and following the Deer trails.

Many people are feeling the call to freedom, and I got a great big dose of it today! It was 1562 days ago that I had felt another Transformative Wind energy followed by a day of working in the woods and then a Cosmic Rabbit day that had given me a new freedom I had never experienced before.

This time around I think I can have the freedom without a trade off for a constraining relationship!

At least, I hope I have been changed enough in previous cycles to know how to keep my energies all balanced!

You have also experienced these cycles just like I have. How do I know? Because you and I are truly One, Dude!

It will probably be tomorrow already for most of you following this blog so this is One Moon/water/offering/Pay-day! The Mothership just might come to take (some of) us away!

Be thankful! Gratitude is the biggest, most obvious key to changing your life!

Do you have air to breathe? Water to drink? Food? Are you not in serious pain? Has your house been burned to ashes but your family is fine? Guess what! The universe is infinite and there’s more “stuff” than you can shake a stick at out there to be “had”.

Do you have a soul? Be thankful!
Love is coming your way….just let it out of your heart and the flow of creation will dose it back to you in droves!

Love U.


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