3Monkey, chasing monkeys

[Update Feb. 4, 2018 Superbowl…. Patriots are still allowed to cheat their way into championship – ever since 9/11/01 and then the “Patriot Act” was passed, luckily football is quickly losing it’s popular appeal.]

Last night I dreamed I was being chased by cops around my folks’ house. I tried to hide under the bed like I did when was a kid but I was too big….I wasn’t really in trouble, I just didn’t want anything to do with cops anymore. It was a good cop/bad cop thing and I told the good cop to get rid of his friend. I wish I could remember more…..

Anyhow, it is 3 Batz, the day of the thread that ties all things together. Watch for flying poo. Monkeys are the weavers of time, so there’s a few connections to be made. I like to call these days “surprise day”. I was woken up with a surprise today, but was asked not to discuss!

So, if you didn’t gather, it’s really hard to make predictions of what can happen on surprise day. Floating above drama is an essential skill right now, or better, change your energy to no longer attract that stuff to you!

I AM wealthy beyond measure. I have healthy, co-creative relationships. My light shines to the farthest reaches of the universe. I AM Love. Beauty a peace surround me always.

Tomorrow is the “Crossroads” day. Be ready to face your destiny. We elected Barack Obama on a 4 Road day and now we see that like pResidents before him, he is merely a front or figurehead to a large Corporate structure that is never influenced by the People. That corporation sees all as a means to it’s own ends. Freedom will come when we all withdraw from the corporate system and begin to form Intentional communities where every Individual is accepted for their true Self and we all choose to give of ourselves for the greater good. All is One. Begin the transformation where you are.

Allow your High-heart to open and connect to the Source via your higher-self. There is a silver cord that will draw you back from your astral travels. See how far you can go and still remain in the present now moment.

Ommmmmm Ommmmmmm Aummmmmm

Carlos Cedillo

May the Universe bless your, may your highest heart guide you may you let love shine a light on all your travails.

Peace om all is well, it’s all good…..



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