8 Ajmac – Kneel and ask forgiveness

There was something oddly stressful in yesterday’s 7 Eagle energy. 6 Jaguar, was outstanding in many ways, so I guess it was to be expected that the tide would pull back some.

Today is 8 Owl/vulture, it is a good day to kneel on the ground and ask forgiveness from the ultimate God of the sky.

I had intended to hold ceremony today, but instead will be going to Church of Awesome to help with the Bastrop fire relief effort. Tomorrow will be another chance to hold ceremony but since it is 9 Earthquake tomorrow, it may rather turn into some kind of reggae party….Jah be praised!

So hold that prayerful space today! Meditate on a rock or light a candle in prayer. Allow your ego to dissolve into nothingness and listen for messages from your Ancestors.

These are abundant times we are in! 12 Ahau happens in four days. That prophecy states, “Raingod is the face of the prophet lordship Made manifest. There is a heavenly day, There is a hevenly night To bring together the shamans, To unite the sorcerers. There are sincere True People, Sincere chiefs. There is spiritually sincere speech For all the multitudes of the town. there is wealth for the oppressed people. Piles of tortillas is the word of the katun.”. The prophecy continues, “This is the dawning of a new world for us….Profiteering will be ended.”

A katun lasts about 19 1/2 years, but as we know, time is accelerating and these prophecies are being fulfilled before our eyes!

Blessings and Peace!

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