12 Ahau. Piles of Tortillas!

[Update, Feb. 13, 2018:  Trump meets with industry leaders to discuss trade and infrastructure spending.  I got into some conversations about higher love and balancing Masculine and Feminine energies.  Tomorrow is 13 Imix/Crocodile a day of endings and a new beginning.  So expect Valentine’s day magic… just let go of any expectations!]

Well there was certainly a call to end profiteering as protestors gathered on Wall St. this weekend! This is truly the fulfillment of prophecy. Look up “Chilam Balam” on the Internet and then find the 12 Ahau prophecy and you will see what I mean.

There is only 40 days left to the 13 Ahau ceremony! What miracles would you like to manifest. What were your manifestations when this tzolkin began on Feb. 11, 2011? What were your wishes on March 9, 2011 when the 9th Underworld began? What dramatic events have you experienced since then? What about the Earth changes? Are you ready for even more dramatic shifts, like the end of the old school economic structures and return to living in harmony with the Earth? Ready to meet our Galactic neighbors and Inner-Earth family?

My heart is racing just pondering these possibilities! What Love can we manifest together as One? What can replace our old Belief Systems around love relationships? I wonder if it is feasible to love many partners, and how will they each react to the idea of non-exclusivity? Maybe there will be a One lover who simply has not yet revealed their true feelings. I know many who say “I love you” and a few I feel mean it in a most heartfelt way. I don’t want any broken hearts, it has just been my experience that being tied together with another soul has not been healthy for building community. That certainly is a personal opinion! I would not be offended if there were some who disagreed with me! It’s all a matter of preference and experiences.

So if you are new to this blog, know it is my style to get a little personal. I have been a student and a shaman of the Maya calendar many moons! I see it as a tool for personal, spiritual evolution so I do not write in an “objective” manner! The best examples of how the Maya calendar works are too personal to write about in a public forum!

Tomorrow is a super-manifesting day! 13 Imix is both a beginning of one cycle and the end of another! The wheels of time get a little twisted, but it can be your ticket to spiritual Revolution and revolution always means new Freedoms and potentialities.

Get ready for a change that will have us all dancing in the streets Oct. 28!



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