13 Crocodile, 1 Wind. Venus Portal

[Update: Feb 14th, 2018, Valentine’s day!  This 13 Crocodile is a great day for Valentine’s magic, an ending of 13 day cycle that started with Groundhog Day, Feb. 2, 2018.  It is also a “dark-of-the-moon”… but it also is the start of a new 20 day cycle that continues until March 5th, 2018 – 6 Ahau/Sun.  Then 1 Ik/Wind starts a new 13 day cycle thru Feb, 27, 1018, 13 Ix/Jaguar – Cosmicjaguar day!!!  So it seems we are walking right into a pile of wonderful surprises.  There is also a new “Haab” 365 day cycle starting Feb. 20, 1018.]


I apologize for not writing yesterday, it was such significant time! Cosmic manifestations abounded! We may put out the calls in 3D reality, but the Universe throws us curveballs by answering from some other direction we could not have fathomed.

The saying I have for yesterday’s energy is “That’s the ticket!”. Imagine the movie “Alien” with a happy ending where the alien shares it’s technology and pure unconditional love with the earthlings and teaches us to live with pure pranic energy, speeding up humanity’s ascension.

That is basically the message that has been coming through from the Galactic Federation of Light!

I had set some artificial timelines for myself creating unnecessary stress, but I feel the love and support of my friends, family and community, so I know all will be well!

Today is 1 Ik, 1 Wind, a date that is coming again June 6, 2012. That will be the closing of the Venus Transit Portal. The Portal opened June 8, 2004 and The world has grown exponentially smaller since then! Every time the Venus portal comes around the world becomes more as One. The last time it happened the first Trans-Atlantic cable had been laid. The time before that, European explorers had circumnavigated the globe.

I know two women with the tzolkin birthday of 1Wind. They are both very much alike in their personalities and face and body structure.

The healing we should experience today is soothing of anger! There is really nothing that should make us angry, whatever the situation we face, it is just what it is, only we decide what our reaction is. Allow the feeling of anger to pass over without reaction, it is better to sit there and stew in it until we can see why we are experiencing that emotion and choose another approach to solving the issue. Often there are deep rooted ancestral issues and karma we need to clear before we realize the source of negative emotions. We are One by the way, so you are only being sore with yourself! Tru dat! 12 days from now if we achieve the transcendence from our “stuff” we can all be Cosmicjaguars!

So I hope we all get to experience a taste of what it means to be of One Spirit, one breath and one race of humanity!

Much Love,



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