2night, 3net, 4serpent

Well somedays things just don’t budge. Other days life accelerates you beyond your wildest dreams! Wednesday was one of those major acceleration times, but I suppose you just had to expect the next day, 3Kan, to lack any real forward motion. Expectations I had were not met yesterday, but Wednesday went way beyond what I could have dreamed!

2 Night was Church of Awesome Night and I fell in love! We all held hands for a group meditation, we sang love songs, ate organic gluten-free desserts, we learned about sustainable gardening techniques, we rocked out with Interstellar Transmissions, we celebrated unconditional Love! It was Awesome.

3 Lizard, I guess we should have expected a let down after the great energy of the night before. Batteries had to be recharged. I did keep the feeling of absolute bliss from the night before but was generally very tired all day.

4 Serpent day today, September 23, 2011. I dreamt I was on a bus full of people. A person I was traveling with said to get off at a stop I had not expected. Apparently he had negotiated a deal where I could work in a studio. It turns out it was my friend Frank’s studio/office space from the early Technophilia days in Austin circa 1990. We used to jam up there during my early college days. I was very excited because I knew the potential of the studio and what instruments and amplifiers were going to be there eventually. I have a good feeling that something will happen today that will put me back on the path I wanted to travel back then, only now it is the future coming up. It is interesting that today is the fall equinox and it is 4 serpent on the tzolkin. It is a “burner” day on the Maya calendar, so we ought to burn away anything that no longer serves us. Put out the old fires and start something entirely new.

The is an interesting balance I am feeling between the old dark energy and new Love energy. I am ready to give myself up in service to the highest good of the community around me, but I think some people do not yet understand what I am about and why the teaching of the Maya calendar is so important. I have put the call out for people to come to me for personal readings and have gotten very little response, but at the same time some folks who I did not put the word out to directly have called me up asking for the information as they recognized the significance of the new energies described in the structure of the tzolkin and long-count calendars.

It is an urgent situation, if you do not know what is happening, it just looks like chaos. If you have been paying attention to what myself and others have been teaching, you will recall that I said explicitly that protests like we saw in Egypt, Greece, and across the middle-east and Africa would be coming to America. The main stream media have not said a word, but there have been major protests in front of Wall St. against corporate person-hood for the past five or six days. Since corporations run the media, why should they mention it? Anyway, I don’t want to rant too much today, but there will be more protest actions happening soon, some you should support!

This is all in the prophecies, and you can know more about how this applies to yourself if you contact me and set up a personal reading today!

Blessings and love!


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