7 Venus warrior

Hi there,

It is a very intense time. On the one hand there is almost no money flowing, and that is not a surprise but there have been sympathetic souls pouring their hearts out to change that. On the other hand there is tremendous love all around! Just about everyone I know is feeling it and I have to admit I fell in Love recently and it’s been great even if we don’t see each other very often.

It is also a Dark-of-the-moon time, so hopefully the dam will burst on the money situation, and you bet I will be using that to get to see my Love as often as possible!

Then there is the second American Revolution. Yes, there has not yet been a “shot heard round the world” yet, but there is one iconic picture of a shirtless man with a police officer with his knee on the guy’s neck and an American flag that has taken over Facebook! This is BIG folks, it is our Revolution and we must stand up against the police brutality and end the media blackout. It should be obvious that the media is corporate controlled, i.e., Wall St. controlled.

I am not a Sheeple. I AM the Violet Flame of Freedom’s Love! I never had to work for the man. I prefer to take handouts like the Buddha said to do. Even Jesus endorsed eating the fruits from an orchard, even if the “owner” of the land protested.

There is abundance for all of us, so you can afford a Maya calendar reading from me! It is useful information and you can reach me at Cosmicjaguar@yahoo.com to schedule your appointment today!

You can also afford to hire me to DJ your gatherings and to paint a beautiful image for your home.
Name your price, we can work it out.




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