10Monkey, What is a “Daykeeper”?

What is a Daykeeper and why do you need one?

I have been struggling with how to define myself and my services to everyone via Facebook. I am uncertain if my message has been clearly presented or if a whiff of desperation has clouded my serious intentions. In this message today, I want to try to define my spiritual work a little more in depth, and if possible, show the purity of my desire to help my community during what all prophets and practitioners of the Human Arts see as a Time of immense, important changes.

Time is the essence. Time is vibrational in nature just as light, sound and thought. The vibrations of time resonate at different frequencies just as ripples on the surface of the ocean are at a much faster vibration than the currents underneath and the tides that follow the moon.

It is my job as a Daykeeper to help you and our community understand the manifestation and compelling forces of these vibrations as we each feel the same frequency on any given day, and we begin to understand that there exists “Higher” vibrations in alternate dimensions, not directly apparent in our 3 dimensional perspective.

The Maya calendar is a most unique source for comprehending the influence of said vibrations of Time. It has mathematical properties and a logical construction that are based on counting systems other than the base-10 counting most of the world is used to counting by. The level of complexity, paradoxically makes for great ease of calculation once the base-13 and base-20 (and often, base-9) are understood. Those vibrations are in resonance with the vibrations our Creator used to shape human evolution so that we have 20 digits and 13 major joints!

As a Daykeeper, I help you to put your Self into a higher vibrational alignment with the Source by bringing into balance the left-hemispheric activity – math, logic of the calendar system – with the right-hemispheric activity of Feeling each moment and having an intuitive sense of connection between past, present and future that brings a change in your consciousness, elevating you into the higher dimensional attunment. What soon begins to happen in your life once you are aligned, is that events, situations, and human characteristics are understood as Cosmically manifested.

None of this violates Free Will, if you do not agree or “believe” in it, that does not make the essence of the calendrical inspired vibrations disappear. As more and more of us do choose to allow our hearts and minds to follow the real vibrations as they emanate from Source, what is happening is the fulfillment of the “Jaguar Prophecy” that states, “the Perfumed Flower Will Open”.
Said another way, the combined energy released by our opened heart chakras and the opening of the heart chakra of Mother Earth is leading the changes we see manifesting around us.

My own Day-sign, or kin is 12 Jaguar, :I Ix. Ix is the 14th day of the 20 day glyph cycle and 12 is the number that holds the vibrational property of Understanding and Crystallization of the conjoined glyph’s energy. So 12 Ix means that I have a good understanding of Mother Nature and shamanic principles and my personality characteristics and even physical characteristics are feline in quality. I have a great intuition, skills and playfulness of a cat and the compassion and love Mother Earth has for all her creatures.

On this 10 Monkey day I choose to assert my role as a Daykeeper for my spiritual community, where ever on Earth they may reside. Monkey days are also wonderful days to understand the true nature of Time and to show off your skills at the manipulation of time, weaving, playing, especially drums, Manifestation, and co-creation. This is a good day to “tie the knot”, allow yourself to be surprised, make Love!

What is your day? What is the karma you carried into this existence from your ancestors and past lifetimes? What is in store for you in the future? What is your role in your community? What masculine and what feminine aspects does your personality have? Who are you compatible with in social situations and how do you relate to your mate or employer, and all your relations?

These are things I can help you understand better. This is my job, chosen for me because I allowed my self to follow my heart over the course of my 41 years (almost in my 42nd tun, 360 day sacred birthday cycle). Where as at any time I could have (some say should have) gotten a high paying corporate job, my heart was never in the moment the times I did try that route. I can only feel comfortably alive when I am creating higher vibrational music, colorful art, or performing a ceremony or Maya calendar Reading for someone in my community. I often walk through forested areas to meditate and I speak out when I see Environmental Injustice going on around me.

I do understand the nature of our current Time very well, and we are being forged by the fires of very large global challenges in our political and financial systems that after 5200 years have decayed beyond their usefulness to improve the quality of all Life on Earth. I still have rent and bills due even if I teach about these systems’ imminent collapse. I know their are much better technologies available that do not poison the very planet we must co-inhabit upon. I know the disparity between the wealthy and the starving can be healed neither side feeling blame, shame or guilt for the other but all recognizing their One Consciousness vibration.

I have been blessed with an opportunity to help three Grandmother elders from the Maori indigenous tribe of New Zealand visit our humble home of San Marcos, TX. On October 28, 2011, 13 Ahau, they are coming to tell you a story about the history of Planet Earth you have never heard before. I need your help just to pay my bills so I may spend my time promoting and preparing for this event. I need to help my friend Nancy Moore so she does not feel burdened to pay for the logistics of this event herself.

If you want to help, let me help you today by meeting up to get your Maya calendar Chart Reading. Schedule a ceremony I can host at your outdoor venue to honor the 20 Daylords of the Tzolkin calendar, buy a piece of Maya calendar inspired art work from me. Let me perform unbelievably beautiful space-jazz music for you.

There is nothing frivolous about my work, it is not easy, I have spent more time studying and trying to understand this than some doctors spend learning about their craft. Ultimately I had to integrate yoga, crystal healing, sound healing, Buddism, years of traveling, and my art into my Maya calendar experience.

The drought has now passed here in Texas, we have a cool wind finally blowing today! The economic recession is an illusion created by the dis-connected and dis-integrated financial system that placed greed for profit over what the actual needs of human beings are. (I already hear some turning my phrase around in their minds to “greed is needed as motivation to create wealth”. Mere mental gymnastics – monkey mind!). These are times that try our souls. Once the secrets of Creation are revealed, the Maya calendar being one of those secrets, there will be a new Life we can live in harmony with the highest of vibrations.

You must make the call!

In Love and Service,
Carlos Cedillo



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