12reed, 13 Jaguar

All feelings are very intense right now. Some folks I know are really feeling the love, others deep heartbreak. Some are creating exquisite beauty, while some are frustrated by external blockages.

What I have been trying to teach is something that has suffered extreme repression ever since the arrival of the first Europeans on this continent and there is no let up as I patiently await the breakdown of the current system that insists I cannot be a part of their ‘clique’.

Thankfully, there are a few other brave souls that have shown me remarkable support and given me free rides knowing the value of what I bring to this existence. Advice given to me recently has allowed me to look at my anger issues and frustrations in a new light, though it may take a short while to implement the new ideas.

I have thought about the issue deeply and still have not decided if I should name names or to simply carry on my new path. (yes, I got this advice two days ago when it was 11 Road). There are four or five organizations I can think of immediately who have habitually stifled my participation in their artistic, musical and healing ventures. No reason ever being given, I get a “no” or simply am ignored. Like water, it is time for me to only go where there is least resistance, and like water I will break through the resistance with perpetual force and righteousness.

The “New Age” movement of the 1980s is now grown into just another corporate structured industry with indigenous cultures’ true powers still being neglected by the consumer-oriented trade shows. This will all change after Oct. 28th!

There are plenty of opportunities out there where there are no ‘cliques’ and ideas are given respect and attention based on their validity and positive change they encourage.

Today is Cosmicjaguar day! Something very wonderful is bound to occur. I do have a band practice with a project called ‘Sideshow Vardo’ at my place today, hopefully we will develop a plan and practice schedule that should eventually lead to musical gigs. My personal musical persona, Cosmicjaguar will eventually break through those ‘cliques’ in the music industry, as soon as said industry goes through the breakdown that all corporate structures will go through before the end of this month. My music is just too good, too spiritual, and requires full attention to be enjoyed properly. Again, there are those who have shown immense appreciation for my work and even those who have bought my paintings and CDs. There is still much soil to be tilled in this area. Being appointed to the San Marcos Area Arts council will be a huge advantage I never had before.

So to those reading this who think their armor is impenetrable, understand that the rot has already happened on the inside, and only those of pure light intentions will flourish after the Post-New-Age spirituality begins. Do your part, step up to the plate, support your local shaman. You will know how to better serve yourself, and community after you have a Maya Daykeeper Astrological report, $60, and your home will be protected when you host a Maya Fire ceremony led by yours Truly.

Your heart will burn more brightly after your hear my music performed in your venue, and your walls will be the center point of conversation when your guests see my paintings hanging there.

I will work on a sliding scale if you really cannot afford my work, but those of you who have the resources and income should consider what a value having a Lightworking Shaman in your neighborhood or online community. Simply email me for an appointment, I will even drive a truckload of art to you if you wish to see which one fits your space.

Blessings, Love and Service,
Carlos Cedillo



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