1 Eagle, 2 Owl, 3 Earthquake

Has your life been shook up? I think by tonight there will be great movement. Today is 208 days since the Tsunami hit Japan. That was 3 Water day. This does not mean that there will be a major earthquake today, but there will be serious movement in our way of thinking. Perhaps a new meme for freedom will be born or humanity will reach a new level of comprehension about the global “Dark Cabal” banking system that has kept us enslaved and dependent on raping the earth. Maybe you will get to dance to some good roots reggae music.

There is a new machine I hope to see tonight that takes common dirt and pounds it into a solid brick stronger than cement blocks! That is some moving earth that can build a 1500 sq.ft. house in one day.

Monday was a great 1 Eagle day and it paid off nicely as I made my rounds to businesses in NB, then yesterday, 2 Owl, there was some balancing and reconciliation that had to be taken care of, but not with emotional blackmail! Just walk away from manipulators scared of their own shadow (those are some scary shadows, but the demons are really angels asking you to play with them!)

Tomorrow is a 4 Flint day and Austin, Tx joins the Occupy Wall St. movement. We are cutting the Darkness out of our own hearts and telling the PTB that the government must reflect our new self-image. We cannot be ruled by those who have not taken responsibility for their own self-healing and who continue to live in fear mode. If Security is your top concern, you have not cleared away Xenophobia. If you think the police must arrest more of “those people” you have not cleared out your aggressive anger issues and learned creative peaceful solutions to healing relationships.

Be at peace in your heart first and foremost, maybe the world is not an ideal place yet, but all indicators point to emerging solutions for all critical issues on the planet. Patience and unconditional love start in your heart and radiate out around you!



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