20 days and counting

Let us look at the 20 days ahead!

7 Imix imox alligator crocodile turtle hypnotist initiator – (yesterday), Oct.9. There was a reception for artists at the Centro Cultural Hispano de San Marcos, my work included. My parents showed up to meet all my friends there. I got a bunch of canvas stretcher bars from Linda KJ, then I went to do an opening ceremony at the Unicycle football game!

8 Ik stormy strong wind. I don’t see any rain and there have been no tornadoes today, but it feels like it’s going to be a beautiful Feminine energy day. Today we meet as Occupy San Marcos at the Tantra. I am blessed to be living in such a creative little town where unicycle football can be a local past time and artists roam freely. Update: lots of incredible information going around, and yes there was a tornado in San Antonio!

9 akbal house hearth dreaming the future. Today there will be a meeting for Sacred Springs Coalition at Coffee Pot in downtown San Marcos, 7pm.

10 Lizard. Well, I missed my chance to sell some shrimp with my cousin Adrian. This is his day, I hope he made bank!

11 serpent. This is Neil Peart’s day. The drummer from Rush is rhythmical in lyrics as well. I was in Truth or Consequences, NM once on an 11 Serpent day when a Rush song I never heard before came on the radio in the little cafe where I was eating breakfast.

12 death. We get a clear understanding about what really happens when we die and how the other world is so very close to us!

13 deer. Hola Spomenka! The cosmic magic of mother nature is revealed through our dreams and through astral projection

1 rabbit – this begins the last 13 day cycle! It’s alright to be a lonely rabbit sometimes.

2 water. parting the seas to escape to freedom!

3 dog. Joy to the world!

4 monkey. Flying monkey poo everywhere! The old order is really collapsing as the new order builds momentum exponentially!

5 road. Love destiny!

6 reed healing the engineers.

7 jaguar. I will be in Bellaire, Tx outside of Houston doing private Maya Calendar readings!

8 eagle. Great money day, ask for that raise now!

9 owl reconciliation of the light connections, stimulate your pineal gland today!

10 earthquake. Move and shake your world!

11 mirror/flint cut out the last bit of dark energy!

12 rainstorm. I will be performing a Maya fire ceremony in Ellis, Tx. Please sign up if you wish to have a private Maya calendar session! Cosmicjaguar@yahoo.com

13 Ahau- Oct.28,2011. Aquarena Springs ceremony! waitaha grandmothers, medmob and more!



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