1 rabbit

Star children the time is come!
Chilam Balam was the book you were never exposed to as much as the Popol Vuh but it told about all of this transformation in the poetic language of metaphor.

The uber-wealthy think they “own” the city or the world. Like the final scene of Scarface, the psychopaths are blasting every one they consider a threat. People are waking to their divinity as Beings of Light and we all want to live in the true freedom of our highest potential.

We simply cannot live in a system designed to propel psychopaths to positions of power.
The new system must prevent anyone having power over any other individual, and that goes for our private personal lives and in our own hearts. Take your empowerment. Know you are worth the life you want most and hold the vision of what it is to be and so it is!

All is Love,


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