Oct.28, 2011, 13 Ahau

Blessings and love to you all!
 I have been teaching about the meaning of this day for ten years!
 Dr. Calleman was here in 2004 and again in 2005 where he taught a two day workshop with Anette Carlstrom giving Deeksha.
It has been a great ride…often extremely lonely, but worth all the sacrifice.
I will be talking at the Know Thyself Expo at the San Marcos activity center Oct. 29th about what comes next!!!   I recommend you have a Maya calendar reading from me.
It can help you know your destiny and purpose in this life and improve all your relations.
I love you all as I love myself!
I could never have planned this on my own, but we all manifested this together as One.  Divine guidance has chosen our Beloved San Marcos Springs to
water our dreams for a better future!
My heart bursts with the same love for all Creation.
I recommend you come as early as you can for parking!!!  please carpool and bring everyone you can, it will be a gathering of a lifetime!
Maya prophecy states on 13 Ahau – “The Perfumed Flower Will Open”  That’s Oct 28th y’all!
-Carlos Cedillo
ps  Oct. 27 will be 12 Rainstorm and the place I am going to give a Maya Fire ceremony will be getting some Rain that day!!!

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