There is no going back to the old system. Today is like standing in an elevator with mirrors on all sides. Every way you look you just see mirror reflections of yourself. There is a purging of negative energies going on, how many of your friends are sick right now? The Light is now occupying the places once ruled by the Dark cabal. This is a direct reflection of what is happening in each of our individual souls. For some, the Dark has a stronger foothold than others. today is the best time to cut out the dark by shining your Divine Light and Love. Watch the demons turn into playful little angels as they regain their connection to source energy.

Watch all your fears dissipate as new information comes to light. Maybe your new love hasn’t called you back and you are afraid she found another love, but then you get the message that she was just sick and needed rest and will see you later when she feels better….maybe someone has been criticizing your lifestyle and telling you how you should change, then you find out this person is really very jealous of you and wishes they had the strength you have to be your own person.

Occupy Wall St. Is now Occupy Main St, USA! I AM the Violet Flame of Freedom’s Love!


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