13Death cosmic transformation


If you ever thought of me as an angry person, please forgive me. I have been putting so much energy out there and got every little response over the years. I see now that my recently ended relationship was merely a personification of the unexpressed anger and jealousy I held deep inside. Anger that the universe would give me talent, wisdom, passion and other virtues that “society” was not able or willing to accept. Jealousy that others get chosen for gigs not for their talent, but for their “sparkling” personalities or adherence to established popular genres. (not everything was bad, many geniuses found ways to break through the cultural barriers)
The biggest example is the music I have been creating for a quarter of a century now was previously rejected simply for being different from media saturated with mediocrity and rehash after rehash of centuries of pop culture. So my spontaneously created music channeled from the cosmos could not resonate in minds polluted by lower chakra exploiting swill. This has only begun to shift in the past few years and now finally there is real transformation in cultural norms so that people are desperately seeking depth and profoundly healing and spiritually uplifting sounds.
So life has finally shifted and we can get on with the Ascension! Music and art can finally openly express vibrations of the higher dimensions, we can say that it is spiritual without being marginalized. Opportunities drop into my lap like ripe fruit. I AM the love that has been missing from our culture. The people are ready with open hearts to feel those deeper emotions that can only be expressed spontaneously.

Now I AM ready to express love through a new relationship, I do not know yet what form that will take, only that the time is now to MAKE LOVE and express the beauty of the higher dimensions!
So drop the fear of love…it is not possible to be in both states, if you are feeling it, go for it!

Much love and blessings


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