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The Visit of the Waitaha Grandmothers from New Zealand to San Marcos, TX  10.28.11


Ten years after I first discovered  “Solving the greatest Mystery of our Time: The Mayan Calendar”  by Dr. Carl Johann Calleman, a Manifestation occurred that could not have been planned by any one person or group, but that in hindsight was the direct result of decades and Eons of personal spiritual work by individuals simply following their hearts and what they could discern as Truth and Light.


Before 9.11.01 I had been already studying and practicing the tzolkin Calendar and Maya culture several years.  I had already attempted to follow the “Dreamspell’ of Jose Arguelles and on February 29th, 2000 was certain that could not possibly be the real calendar.  Shortly after 9.11 after reading Calleman’s work, I reset my journal to the True Count, and sought to teach anyone and everyone about October 28th, 2011 was going to be this Awesome Day of Enlightenment and Truth disclosure. 


You see, I had already read the Chilam Balam of Chumayel.  In that work it clearly states that 13 Ahau would be the “Holy Completion of Time, Truly”.   The prophecy of 4 Ahau – or Dec. 21, 2012 – makes no such statement, but does speak about the return of Kulkulcan, the flying Serpent along with Yellow Death and Blood-vomit….kinda Apocalyptic, Book of Revelations sounding stuff.


In my Mexico travels I not only studied the Maya, but also explored the Chihuahuan desert for crystals, and Peyote.  I was well on my way to developing into a shaman years before 2001.   I met another Shaman here in San Marcos named Carolion (RIP) who taught me how to use a pendulum, heal my chakras, dream-drumming and others who taught me crystal healing, the Violet Flame and Arch-angels, I was well versed in Buddhism and eastern religions well before that.  Carl himself visited us here in San Marcos, Austin, Wimberley and New Braunfels, Tx no less than three times before Oct.2011.    I also turned him on to several books that he went on to influence his interpretations of the calendar.  I wonder when he will start mentioning that to people! 😉


So when Carl says there has to be a REAL energy inherent in the structure of the Mayan calendar, I am well disposed to understanding what he is talking about.


It is understandable that it can be very difficult for some people trained in more rigid scholastic dogmas to “get it”.  This is why it is a “Shamanic” calendar system in the first place. 


Today the shell of understanding has been cracked open.  We can SEE with both halves of our brains fully integrated and behaving as ONE unified organ of Higher perceptions.  The visit of the Waitaha was to support this new understanding of Universal Source energy and how to perceive in full use of this new capacity.


They had history here as wanderers of the Earth many millennia ago, specifically to these Sacred Springs in the Heart of Texas.  Our struggle, they said, was their struggle.   


It can now be revealed that these springs have a healing quality on par with Sedona, AZ vortices and is energetically connected to diverse places like Stonehenge, Jerusalem, Macchu Picchu, Wirikuta (Real de Catorce), Giza, Ayers Rock, and Tibet.  San Marcos Springs area has been inhabited by humans at least 13,000 years, and during recent restorations human remains in what is clearly an important burial site were discovered along the banks of Spring Lake – Talk about Divine timing and completion of cycles!!!!


There were many Great Souls along this journey:  Nancy Moore, a San Marcos native who traveled to many of these locations performing ancient Waitaha ceremonies with a Maori medicine man named Maki.  Maki was mentioned in “The Serpent of Light” by Drunvalo Melchizedek who led a group of people from 30 countries to visit the Waitaha Grandmothers in New Zealand just a few years ago.  A certain good friend of mine (who inspired this note) is also doing this new kind of energy work around Texas was visiting and went with me to do a Maya fire ceremony near Dallas Oct. 27th, 2011. (That was a 12 Rainstorm day – it drizzled throughout the ceremony!)

All my friends in San Marcos and Austin and Houston who showed up and supported the ceremony!!!   Don Alejandro Oxlaj “Tata” who I had the honor of accompanying along twice for the Sacred Journeys in Guatemala – that Drunvalo also had been on at a different time.  All the people I connected with on this and similar journeys….(my buddy Frank and my ex who helped finance the operations!)  ..and my wonderful parents and family!


There are so many others, all the relatives of the Grandmothers and the other beautiful souls who participated and all their relations!


Oct. 28, was a REAL and TRUE phenomenon because we all ALLOWED it to happen!  We allowed the Universe to create through us without fighting back against the light.  Simply Being Light and Love created a wonderful historic event.


That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!


I AM a professional Maya shaman, an artist inspired by the Maya culture and a multi-instrumentalist composer and music producer.


Maya Daykeeping consultations available.  $60 hour.  Thank you and for keeping the flame burning. coming soon!


Carlos Rene Cedillo, 12 IX




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