5house love dreams

So I am going to set up this blog to be subscription based!

If you are reading this now, you understand that this is no ordinary blog. I share with you my many years of accumulated wisdom and intuitions about the sacred Tzolkin calendar of 260 days.

The problem I have right now, or rather, the solution I intend to find today is how to set up my web page to handle subscription payments.

I you know about web design and can point me to a useful app I will comp you a month free to this blog….or something you need.

Today is 5 Akbal, the day of dreaming the future, of the hearth and house.

So get your house in order, including business to support you in the future.

It’s gonna be a long night tonight. I have invited friends over to have a dream journey circle.
I have never led this kind of ceremony, but attended many times when my friend Fenix did this and have seen other shamans doing this. I have a big medicine drum to use and we may start a little fire pit out back.

I suppose I should do a little house cleaning as well. I will be in Austin briefly this afternoon for a discussion about what I truly desire my life to be like in the future….the future is now!



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