Healing lizards connections

Today is not the time for doing the hustle but if you can truly free your mind, your ass stands a greater chance of doing the same…..so let go of expectations or thoughts that any situation can be fixed if you just push harder.

“Don’t just do something, sit there!”

The chances are good you just really are in a cocoon about to open into a butterfly…or moth…whatever is your true essence, what we’ve all been building towards.

Did you have a late night last night? Did you get some new breakthrough perspective on your future? This all went down for me and I even built a new fire circle in my backyard. Of course, I had planned to do a little dream drum travel but nobody showed for that. As the night came on, adventures arose and I allowed myself to be led by one of life’s strangest attractors. Not allowing my ego to do any of the driving made it all a fun experience.

Today I was reminded of a connection that was severed but still requires detachment and healing time. Meanwhile I made a little headway in business connections.

In the end there truly is nothing that we do in a vacuum, all things are tied together energetically and the real actions going on in higher dimensions, just beginning to be known to most folks. For those of us who have been in the cosmic soup and aware of it being a soup the real fun is just beginning. I just watched an incredible YouTube video about orbs and how they can now be followed with infrared camera equipment. Other worldly beings exist right I front of our noses and advanced technology has opened up their world for us to see and now we have an entirely new universe to begin to learn about!


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