7 Serpent chakra day

[Note: Originally published Jan.21, 2012.  Now it is June 24, 2013.  Lots has changed, but some things stay the same….]

This is a great day to balance all your chakras. I used to do this with a pendulum and crystals. Some people are very sensitive to these energies and some are not. It obviously takes years of patience to become fully attuned and awake to these energies, except that now we are in the accelerated consciousness vortex, so even if you think you do not know what you are doing, grab some quartz crystals lie down and put them on whatever part of you body you feel needs clearing.

What ever you do today, do not act out of anger, resentfulness, revenge or any dark emotion. The serpent can be an enemy too and the change from healing wisdom to striking out can happen lightning quick. As we clear things out, lots of memories arise and can momentarily cause panic and regression. Just know that these are things coming up for healing, much like the physical body produces puss or phlegm, sweat or the runs, so too when we are healing emotionally there may be some unpleasantness experienced while letting go of our past emotional wounds.

In the end the process is well worth it. Living without all the old baggage is liberating and we can become our most authentic soul that we were naturally intended to be.

Overall we should be feeling rather radiant today. Seven is the number of balance so I believe all will flow smoothly today.

So yesterday I wrote about the healing going on with our networks. There were entanglements we had to get out of and new connection waiting to form. I ended up sleeping a few hours in the afternoon. Later I felt great and went to see Henry and the Invisibles, the one-man punk band at Texas Music Theatre in San Marcos and there were dozens of my awesomest San Martian friends there.

[Note: yesterday, June 23, 2013 was 6 Lizard, I also slept many hours after staying up all the night before with awesome friends, some of whom were at the aforementioned Henry and the Invisibles show!]

Tomorrow is 8 Death. There is something major going on here and it may involve a ceremony for our ancestors….more about that tomorrow!




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