8 Death – Energetic Signatures.

I listened to a Galactic Federation message and was inspired to write about Energetic Signatures.

Just as some folks are attuned to the vibrations of Crystals and some are not. There is energy that we all put out that can be felt as a distinct vibration.

Sometimes we meet people that we do not resonate with. There really is no judgement going on, judgment is a function of logic. However, in the Post-New-Age era we should not be under the illusion that everybody is “of the Light”.

There is a culture of “New-Agers” who hold conventions and talks and even practice healing modalities with light and psychic energy, but if they are really not clear themselves and are teaching the same things that were being taught in say the 1980’s, then there is probably some catching up that needs to happen. Often some of the healing is dependent upon other people being addicted to the healing process, not willing to truly let go of the old hurtful patterns. The practitioners themselves are concerned with “making a living” and may not want to lose a client that has become fully “healed”. Economic insecurity is a real concern as they struggle to let go of behavior patterns set by their ancestors, parents and grandparents from the old paradigm that always says “Get a ‘Real’ job”! A true soul-healing experience will advance the client towards actualizing his or her individual sovereignty. i.e. no more healing of that issue required! Modern, or as I like to call it, Post-New-Age healing does not even require a client to be present or even aware that healing is happening. There are brave new light workers out there clearing energy anywhere that healing is required even for animals and the oceans, rivers and landscapes. Clients come around to partake in the healing energies but an actual illness or issue is not required!

(I am making no claims to perfection myself but I search out new teachings as a matter of spiritual evolution. I recently discovered a new healing technique that I believe will solve a persistent issue I have dealt with all my life. I won’t discuss that until I see some results!)

True discernment takes place in the heart. Specifically now it is taking place in the “High-Heart” – a newly opened chakra just above the physical heart center. Today is a very strong (8) day of transformation (Death) where we can and should honor our ancestors. They are listening, watching and providing us guidance if we allow ourselves to tune in to their frequencies. Again, this is a matter of discernment. There may be souls on the other side of the veil who do not have our best intentions at heart, but still suffer from addictions and attachments they did not clear in their 3-D lifetimes. These dark entities may be inadvertently invited into our souls through our own bad habits, perhaps smoking or some sexual deviancy, or alcoholism. Today’s energy though should be focused on the positive. Let’s assume the best about our ancestors, they must love us and there must be some truth to the idea that all religions are just forms of Ancestor worship.

I received a prophetic message on top of a pyramid at Tikal from Don Alejandro Oxlaj on an 8 Death day in 2007. It was at the same time a fulfillment of earlier prophetic visions I had during crystal healing sessions years before. There were also two 8 Death days during my previous relationship that involved the law. This was all before the big shift that happened Oct. 28, 2011, so I wonder what all those previous 8 Death experiences will mean today.

I may be back to write more about this tonight!

Peace and Love,




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