10 Qanil, make rabbits!

So it is fertile time to create something big! Just try not to eat anything too big, you may get indigestion! I am still on the path of honoring my celibacy so I have to find a more productive way to deal with this very lush energy.

It is prime time for me to be a rock star! Yep, cosmicjaguar the shaman rock star! Maybe you’ve heard of this Cosmicjaguar guy? If you heard his music last year, maybe I would have said it still needs a little polishing off, but today it is in full bloom of Awesomeness and Beauty that it can never be denied the status of greatness has been achieved. Now who will tell the world?

This morning was further confirmation when I received an email with a video link of the Waitaha Grandmothers’ ceremony from Oct. 28, 2011. Trouble is that I can’t show it to you until I get further permission from Miss Nancy. I promise there are lots of my awesome friends’ faces beaming out of that HD video!   http://vimeo.com/35556213

Leave a comment on this Page to get the Password required for the vid!!!

Any way, it is all awesome!



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