February preview

The Maya calendar energies for February 2012 began with 5 Owl on Feb. 1.  This month will bring reconciliation in matters of love and the heart but our politics and religions will also face tough examinations!.   Feb. 5th is 9 Ahau, Chilam Balam says there will be unification of towns that had been divided over issues of power and control. “The Reeds burst forth in the house of God the Father”, this implies a lot of masculine energy in places of spiritual authority. There should be lots of work too. There is also the arrival of “White Stone Child come from heaven” and “Virgin woman” the Mother of Seven Red Stars, probably a reference to Venus.  (Ok, so this is a difficult metaphor, but let’s see what happens.)
“One truth for the lying multitudes” means there will be new knowledge or wisdom that challenges our long-held beliefs.

On Feb. 6 be sure to make a wish or a decision about what you plan to create. That is the day 10 Crocodile.   Feb. 7 a new spiritual wind is blowing (11 Wind) with the full moon making us feisty and willing to stand up to authority on Feb. 9 which is 13 Lizard, or Net.  I hosted a Full Moon Mayan Fire ceremony Feb. 7 – 11 Wind – at Mystic Hill Cottages in Wimberley, TX at 6pm.  The theme for that day was Post-New Age spirituality.

Feb. 10 through Feb. 22. 1 Serpent is a day of the root chakra, we can rest and get grounded as we prepare for a Cosmic Earthquake.  inner Transformation will occur as we become more grounded and willing to let go of old wounds and old fears.  Feb. 14 Valentine’s day is 5 Water, be sure to make a love offering with water involved somehow, maybe a nice bath or picnic by a lake or stream.  There is a benefit concert going on at the Triple Crown in San Marcos, TX for the Sacred Springs Alliance with Funkotron – that fits the analogy perfectly!  It might even be a great idea to start your Valentine’s day early, because Feb. 13th is 4 Rabbit!   (Always remember to look for the metaphors when studying the Tzolkin calendar!)

Feb. 18 is 9 Reed, same energy as the Declaration of Independence and Barack Obama’s Mayan birthday! Be independent! Look forward to signing a new contract for your career advancement, Feb. 22. Use the 13 Earthquake energy to dance to some reggae or some new earthy beats.

Feb 23 is 1 Flint/mirror. Get ready to cut loose the deadweight. One Truth is our mirror reflection as Divinity.
Feb 25 is 3 Ahau, moving the light. This is a great day for healing and recharging our spiritual energies. True authority is found only in the heart!

February ends with a balanced checkbook and hopefully our rebellion this month has led to a greater sense of fulfillment. Leap day is 7 Lizard, hopefully we have achieved a sense of balance between desires and responsibilities.

If you would like to learn more about Mayan Daykeeping (which is very different from Western Astrology) please give me a shout out!  The best way to learn is to have a private Maya calendar consultation where I can show you exactly what the day signs mean for you, not simply the vague generalities and a lot more than simply focusing on the “end” of the calendar.  Cosmicjaguar@yahoo.com


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