4 Ill Eagles!

Hey, Eagle day 4 you and I to fly on…

I am getting ready to perform as Cosmicjaguar tonight at the Red Eyed Fly in Austin!

Do not be shy about asking for money!  It is rare that people pay attention because they are all looking for the same thing you are, we mirror each other don’t you know! but if you ask that it be used for the good of ALL, then you can get all you want but it only flows through you as a conduit for helping others!  Get it? cabish? Comprende? Grok!

Visionary Happy Birthday to Summer Hargrave at Creation Flame Church of Awesome.  She will be visionary and all over the place this year!  What it must be like to be visionary in all four directions, all distances and every minute detail!!! all at once!  Sounds like someone will be trying DMT tonight!

just don’t be an Escapist, there is awesome stuff to be enjoyed everywhere.  Be a solution, dissolve your mind! Allow it to flow with the Divine Source energy.

I created a song so super Funky this morning, you won’t believe it until you hear it!  but you will have to come to the Red Eyed Fly if you want to hear it first and LIVE!


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