5 owl, 6 Earthquake


Well, the good times have to take a break every now and then….5 Owl, or Vulture, is associated with too much of a good thing according to Aztec calendar keepers. Any day with the number 5 and a glyph from the South, all colored yellow, is too much of a good thing. These happen in 52 day intervals. I did have interesting interactions with birds while walking in Purgatory Canyon yesterday. First a hawk flew by at a crucial moment that I was thinking about someone in my past. Then I saw a Roadrunner as I was pondering my financial situation, then in a moment of consideraable gloominess, a vulture circled over me very close! The bone-crusher! Picking off all the dead meat from my psychological skeleton.

Today is all about healing the earth. Drumming can healing our minds from all the heavy workload we use it for.


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