13 Lizard

“I am the lizard king, I can do anything!” – Jim Morrison

Sometimes in life there are times when it is perfectly ok to feel a bit of anger! Seriously.

There still exists many injustices in the world even after the big shift we went through in October 2011. We can and will break down those systems who insist on controlling us! There is no alterntive to freedom. It all has to start with the inner-attitude before it can translate into outer changes. Today is definitely the day to adopt a new attitude and not let yourself get stepped all over.

We can also make a new inner connection to our ancestors and cosmic beings of light!

This new attitude was best personified by two artists, Fela Kuti and Jim Morrison. Fela was 13 Lizard, Jim was 8 Lizard but sang about the Lizard King, which touched the spirit of 13 Lizard. Fela was best known for his anti-corruption lyrics and having many wives, but he also advocated returning to traditional African religions.

I have to admit there are still many things that make me angry, one is when I don’t get the respect I deserve. You know the world is not all roses and puppies. Times like these require a little bit of weeding out of our gardens. Stand up and be counted! Life is not a spectator sport!

Well, I suppose if I keep ranting about this that make me angry, more may materialize! There is plenty to be grateful for today. Real friends who our lives get intertwined with are awesome. Getting respect after I’ve raised a stink about a transgression feels good too.

Ok, let us get busy!




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