One Serpent, root chakra

Hey, it’s just a lonely day and that’s ok! We need a break from all the stimulation. There may be plenty of that next week as the kundalini slowly rises. It sounds like a great time for Valentine’s day to fall under. This thirteen day cycle ends Feb. 23 with 13 Earthquake. Since Neptune has just moved into Pisces, that could signal some serious earth kundalini rising from the oceans.

That energy can always be channelled to something positive, even as simply growing a garden, preparing the flower beds, fixing up your home, cleaning your closets.

This energy is like a tightly wound spring waiting to be sprung.

I like to share the story of Nagarjuna, a Buddhist philosopher who was famous for his discourses on emptiness and following the Middle Way. According to the legend, he was led to the Prajnaparamita Sutras, or the books of perfect wisdom, by two Nagas. The Nagas were serpents who took human form to visit Nagarjuna while he was teaching and they took him to a lake where they had been guarding the Sutras of perfect wisdom under the water. Hence the “Sleeping serpent” energy. The Maya were well aware of these same energies.

Modern humans have become far too dependent on their left-brained, analytical/rational mind to understand these ideas. We like to say, “oh yeah, prove it!”, not realizing that we need the other half of our minds to understand what the proof is. This is not an anti-rational stance, this is a whole-brain stance. We can rationalize absolutely anything to ourselves and really really believe it all, but only thinking with the whole brain, or rather with the heart, can we discern what the truth really is.

So, it goes like this….if A plus B equals C then If I want C, I have to do A and B. Well, guess what, there is still a whole alphabet you left out! And numbers! You cannot rationalize every little possibility and expect it all to flow like a finite game of chess. To truly get C, it has to be part of the cosmic plan of the whole Universe, or what some folks call God. Then add to that the idea that your goals must be for the good of All. The mind is a finite thing, like a computer with only so much RAM and CPU. The heart, or whole-brain approach is to allow the Creator to bypass our mental filters and simply BE one with all that is.

Be the love and slowly but surely the love will come your way!

Blessings, y’all!


P.S. Yes I am a shaman. No I do not have a degree in shamanism. I only followed the path the Universe set out for me, so if God wanted me to have normal job, wife and 2.4 kids that’s where the path would have led me. A shaman lives just out of the boundaries of normal human culture and society. I get the fly on the wall view of all your lives and then when you ask for it I can let you know what I have seen. You can have access to this wisdom by getting a personal reading from me. The cost is as minimal as I can make it, $60 for an hour reading of your Maya calendar astrologic charts. It is worth far more and the price will go up as soon as I break into the international scene. So get it now!



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