2 Death do we part

Metaphor is one of the most potent tools in Mayan linguistics. Phonetic similarities and other forms of word play are masterfully used in interpretation of prophecy and divinations. I believe the same principles should be used even though we are speaking in English or Spanish or any other language.

Today is 2 death, Kame, and there are lots of great phrases that quickly come to mind – I love you 2 death, 2 death do we part, bored 2 death, scared 2death…..etc….

Duality transformation…..weddings are also this same kind of energy. Chelsea Clinton’s wedding was on a one death day. I experienced life transformations on Eleven Death and 3 Death days. My mom once told me before a friend’s wedding, “hurry up or we’ll be late for ***’s funeral!”

Weddings and funerals are, of course, great comedy material since civilization began! Don’t be surprised if your friend with that bizarre artistic flare or twisted imagination is a Death energy! There is a ghostly beauty to some death energy folks.

Tomorrow is 3 deer day. Get ready for mother nature to move things around a little! Psychic blasts are sure to grip you if you stay open and in your heart space!

More on that tomorrow!

Peace peeps!




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