3 Quej, deer tracks

Hola peeps!

I have been in low gear for several days. Possibly things may speed up now, at least some of that inertia will be overcome. There is an opportunity out there that we may need to jump on today. Like the deer, it may be gone if we take a wrong approach and act over eager or selfishly. Compassion is the key to opening the heart of the matter. After the passing of such a beloved public figure as Whitney Houston yesterday, there will be hearts pouring out emotions all over the place today. Sing it out if you must! Whitney’s fans truly loved her 2 Death. Use that emotion out there to create something others will love and appreciate!

Working with your hands is favored, go hunting but only kill with compassion never out of pride or ego. Be mindful and fully aware of the consequences of all you do. Jumping out and making noise will only chase away the prey you were stalking!

It is this genuine compassion that leads also to higher psychic awareness. Practicing feeling what others are feeling leads us to understanding how to connect with others on a deeper intuitive level. We start meeting people we were thinking about in unexpected places just by following where our heart tells us to go. We can be thinking deeply and an animal, maybe a deer or hawk or lizard or hummingbird will appear to verify our thoughts as if they were listening inside our heads! Our animal companions are awakening too, you know!

Take a magic carpet ride today! Wake up your intuition and make all that talk about your dreams into something real right now!


P.S. Whitney was 3 Rabbit…or Star (Qanil) in the Maya tzolkin calendar.  Elvis Presley was 2 Rabbit, Jimi Hendrix was 9 Rabbit…..3 means motion, action or electricity.  Qanil properly translated means semen, “Rabbit” is the Aztec version.  There is always lots of fertility and feminine warrior energy on these days! The Mayan glyph for this day is a doubling of the glyph for Venus.  Whitney was a born a shooting star!!!!



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