5 Offering Sacred Springs Fund raiser

Hi guys and dolls,

Be extra thankful for all the love around you today, even if it may be artificially induced by commercialism.  There will be a fundraiser for our group founded to protect the San Marcos spring from developers moving like locusts into this town.  They want to make a quick buck off of the growing student population, kinda like Coke wants to sell soda and McDonald’s wants to sell pink slime, these developers have nothing we can call a conscience.   Local favorites Funkotron and “Are you crazy?” will be performing at Triple Crown.  Show starts at 9pm!

The number five on the tzolkin represents a level of growth above the four directions and four elements.  It is the 5th element of Love!   New Year’s day of 2005 was a 5 Water day, and we can all remember what happened 240 days later!  (Katrina!)

So, Watch for floods of Emotion today!  There could be payback for karma both good and bad, so keep it good!

Love Y’all,



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