7 Thread, monkeys

There is no telling what kind of awesomeness we can expect today. If you haven’t gotten a surprise this morning, expect the unexpected sometime today.

Put the connections together. Weave a new design into the fabric of your life. Tie up loose ends, and most of all be very wary of flying monkey poop! There are lies and half truths everywhere, but you can smell the difference between lies and truth.

The number seven means things are in a good balance so nothing is going to throw you off too badly. See if you don’t end up in a group of seven people today or find seven things you need or run seven miles, watch the seven samurais movie….(((P.S. I visited a cave with some friends in San Marcos, there were seven of us!)  Earlier I had visited a really big house that had burned down all inside.)))

40 days from today will be 8Monkey and that will be a New Daykeeper initiation. I think it is silly for some academics to refer to 8Monkey as Mayan New Year, because it is not a “year” first of all, and secondly it happens in the middle of a tzolkin round, the start of which is 1 Crocodile which is 149 days from today. 8Monkey is energetically the best time for understanding the nature of Time itself. We can cross that bridge more when we get there.

Time is very fluid so be sure you know where that current is flowing, you could end up backpedaling or jumping too far ahead.

Also, this is a good day to balance both sides of your brain. The left side is great for thinking in abstractions, the right side sees the whole universe like a radio tower gets signals. So for maximum brain function, we should allow the Left side to be a reflection of the right side. Because the Creator has free will, and we are created in His image, we can still use the left side of our brains to do what we want, but we must allow the reflection from the right side to soak into our rational thinking. Ultimately both sides should meld into one functioning whole. Let go of old belief systems, because they are really holding you back. It’s kind of like putting sugar into your gas tank, it might feel good, but ultimately believing anything just because someone told you to believe it or you read it in a book will gum up your thinking and even your motor skills. If you have believed in something or someone, for example Ron Paul or Jose Arguelles, and suddenly you realize who they really are is very different for who you thought they were, don’t stay with them just because you are afraid to look foolish.

Most of all be sure to have fun!

Peace, Y’all!



One thought on “7 Thread, monkeys

  1. LOVE THIS! Wow–did I have a lot of ‘surprises’ yesterday–along with some Monkey poop–but used my intellect and intuition to help get me through it all…………awesome tracking!

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