8 Road,destiny unfolding!

You aren’t going to believe the awesome 7 Monkey day I just had! 7 of us San Martians visited a super cool cave that had several rooms and passages. I did not expect to be spelunking! Like I said, it was surprise day! There were water droplets and formations of aragonite and bats, faces and castles were all around in calcite formations!  The bats were like little flying monkeys!

We are going to meet our destiny on this Friday, 8 Road day! At least we get to have a darn good plan for the long haul. We have a little nugget of what someone else wants or needs badly! So be sure to pass out free samples along the way!

I have a deck of Maya tarot cards that refer to Road days as “Evil Rain”  and today it is raining down in Texas!

“The student understands the goal intellectually and occasionally dwells there, the Arahant (Enlightened One) Dwells in the goal.”




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