9 Reed, Declaration of Independence

Yes, the days of the tzolkin hold resonance with the most profound actions we humans take throughout history, and despite the big glaring flaw in this document (that it was signed only by wealthy White guys), the Dec. of Ind. is a pretty cool thing. We should all proclaim our own Independence and live by our own rules today.

I need to get out somewhere, yesterday’s Evil Rain kept me seething with a dark rage I couldn’t shake off. Perhaps that is the kind of rage that calls us to throw off any shackles we may still carry today.

Reed is a bit of a Masculine sign, representing the staff of the Patriarch and the beam that supports the roof of your house. So there is politics and engineering involved with today’s energy. This is very left brainy kind of stuff but with the number 9 energy we can make the connections and carry the torch of freedom wherever we go.

Oh, and it is President Barack Obama’s tzolkin birthday also! it is not that I particularly believe in him, so much as I believe in the Energetic Signature he represents as someone who inspires people to be more independent.

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