10 Jaguar, Return of the Black Star Jaguars

Before I talk about the dark jaguar, I had a revelation yesterday that now Barack Obama can start acting like the reincarnation of Abraham Lincoln a few folks said he was right before he was elected.

The idea came to me again, I hadn’t thought of it since the election, when I read Amanda Painter’s article on Planetwaves.net on Neptune entering Pisces. Apparently, the last time Neptune was in Pisces was when Abraham Lincoln was president! That whole shift means we are in for some really deep spirituality to open up. Yesterday, 9 Reed was Obama’s tzolkin birthday, so it was perfect timing to get this revelation….think of all the similarities he has with Lincoln, it is a very real possibility that he has come to Unite us and set free the disenfranchised of our whole world this time!

Portals to the deepest recesses of our sub-conscious are opening. Literally, there was a well at the house I used to live in that just came open in the last heavy rain we had here in Texas. We never knew it was there and walked all over the yard for decades with no idea a well was under the grass. It must have been dug in the early 1900’s!  Then there was the cave I wrote about visiting on 7 monkey day.

So today is the dark jaguar day! I feel grounded, I pray the positive manifestation energies of 10 Ix surround me and all my relations!

Mother nature is favored for enjoyment and healing love from mother earth and feminine ancestors, cats, lions. Caring is cool.



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