12 Owl/Vulture Eclipse 7.31.2008

Hey, This is the song I first composed on Ableton Live during a Total Solar Eclipse July 31, 2008 – 12 Owl – granted, it was already after midnight, but Maya tzolkin days start with the sunrise so technically it was still 12 Owl energy. (That’s my opinion but I am sticking to it until proven otherwise!). The next day (13 Earthquake) I signed a contract with Audiomoxie Records (that went nowhere). Hopefully today I will get a similar burst of creativity and a new contract tomorrow! Owl days are days of Reconciliation. So that means creating harmony out of duality or chaos. I feel much better today than I did yesterday while the Eagle was molting. I did have a fascinating conversation yesterday that helped me get feeling better, thank you “K”! Then I saw my old friend Carlton Pride and his new bebe, Silar! Silar is 11 Monkey born Nov, 8, 2011. Carlton had another friend there who was 13 Ix, Cosmicjaguar too!

So pray for me today that I can get the healing energy I need to carry on my work! It has been a rough few weeks with people asking for my “credentials” and questioning my authority. “The Earth is my Witness” sayeth the Buddha, and that is my credential as well. The Earth is my witness, that I can remove the mountains blocking my forward path in the life I choose to live. If someone truly wants to know my credentials, they can come with me into the deserts of Mexico and experience the soul-purifications that I experienced and they can start to have the prophetic dreams and feel the isolation from the rest of humanity that insists on living with blinders on. Then they can travel to Guatemala with Don Alejandro, visit dozens of Maya pyramids, etc.etc.etc…. If someone is still calling Maya Temples “ruins” then they are not at the same level of shamanism. ….just saying’…..

Today I have the power of an Eclipse that happened 3 and a half years ago. I can re-create my existence today. I claim this as my power under the spiritual authority of Mother Earth and Father Sky and all their hosts of sentient Beings of Light in the higher dimensions and within the Earth herself. I claim my right to practice what I have learned from the Mother Earth herself and my human teachers and my spiritual guides from the higher dimensions, from the Space Brothers and Space Sisters….oh and today also happens to be a new moon, another connection to that fateful eclipse in 2008!

Today and tomorrow, I will do readings for a Love Offering donation! Know yourself better than ever! True, no one religion or doctrine holds 100% of the truth, but that does not mean each cannot be 100% true! Also, yes, you can go and learn all this on your own, just like you can go kill, skin and butcher your own cow for a hamburger, but why would you do that? I can help guide you to soul nourishment provided by the Maya calendar in a much more personal, understandable and helpful way than just getting the info from a generic Maya calendar website. Experience matters!

All the best,

Carlos Cedillo



One thought on “12 Owl/Vulture Eclipse 7.31.2008

  1. Carlos, best to you–hope yesterday was a good one! It was my birthday (02/21/2012). I understand–first hand–your frustration with the “questioning” and “non-respect” of others out there………….”there are none so blind as those who cannot see” pops up immediately. REMEMBER that the majority are not in the ascension path; REMEMBER that many/most who are on the path are being led astray; that leads to very few you will encounter who ‘get it’ and live on a higher plane………..think of it as a ‘numbers game’–you must go through a lot to get to a few. PEACE to you!

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