Cosmic Honey! 13 Caban/Noj

Hi There!

Today is  a real Earth-momma kinda day, so shake it, Baby!  Earthquake energy is permeating up into the Cosmos and the higher dimensions.  There has been work going on for contracts, lots of negotiations and alterations, but today could be something solid ready for signatures!  Just be sure the other party really, really is ready!  (Actually, better read the fine print…..)  The Yucatec Mayan word for today is Caban – if you just took the ‘cab’ part of that, it would mean “bees”. So we can look for the Cosmic honey in today’s energy as well!

Our thoughts fly up to the higher realms today also as we develop our image of what we want to see in our future.  These are the thoughts that will soon manifest in 3-D reality, but we have to sculpt them in the Higher Mind first.  This is also the end of the cycle of the Sleeping Serpent!  The Spring is sprung!  We are still in the Moving Light 20-day cycle, so by 3 Ahau, Saturday (which will feel like a Sunday, by the way!) we will have stirred up lots of light from our subconscious and feel much more peaceful and Enlightened!


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