2 Rainstorm Duality Teachings

I have so many great friends and associates it is wonderful on a day like today to have conversations about things other folks would never be able to grok.

This is part of being a defender of truth, not merely someone who accepts what an “authority” with a certificate says is true! This of course does not disparage anyone with a certificate they worked to gain, but it does say there is more to discovering truth than believing anything you hear.

It also means that holding your own truth always means going against the grain of regular folks who are not bothered by a burning desire to understand reality. There is lots of talk of new energy coming to the earth from the cosmos, but the truth is that this has been happening for a few decades and it requires people like myself and other serious lightworkers to ground those energy frequencies onto the 3 dimensional world. I get just a little annoyed by those saying something big is going to happen Dec. 21, 2012. The shift already happened Oct. 28, 2011. Just what exactly are you waiting for? A new job, more money, a new girlfriend, the Mothership, Jesus? There is plenty of new light coming from the sun, you just have to see with new eyes and remember that it was not always so violet colored at sunset. You can feel love for others without possessing them or ever having met them in person! The truth is within you, is it not?

So there is a 50/50 chance that we can receive some great spiritual nourishment right now. Try not to waste the day getting wasted! We can drink water or alcohol, one is better for us than the other.

My friend Topher stopped by this morning and transferred some videos to my computer you can find on my YouTube http://www.youtube.com/cosmicjaguar. He filmed these at my show at Wake the Dead coffeeshop, San Marcos, Tx Jan. 27, 2012, a 13 Monkey day.  http://youtu.be/xSsBkLC5B0Q  http://youtu.be/DIl9A2MT5iA   http://youtu.be/uV9EMz8cvEg   http://youtu.be/Diu8GhFwqZk

Tomorrow is 3 Ahau, the moving sun. It promises to be a wonderful day full of healing light and love!


Half empty or half full?


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