3 Sunlight

Pulsating lights encoded with love energy are beaming from the Heart of Heaven and Heart of the Earth. The time of transformation is here. The sheer amount of information overload pressure cooked us into higher dimensional light frequencies.

Have you Mastered what it means to dwell in the goal of ultimate enlightenment? Did you realize many “normal” people dwell there without even being aware of it.

Does God have an ego? Is the devil not really just the playful Pan?
Did Jesus have a master’s degree? It was Mara the tempter that questioned the Buddha’s authority.

This month of February 2012 has been challenging indeed, I know my wings are getting tested severely as I test my own patience, doing by not doing.

Zen walking is called zazen. We can hold on to the Attainments as we live in lower dimensional space time. Confident Great Spirit knows what she’s up to.

Sitting in a meditative pose, breathing in the energy of heaven from our 4th eye then pushing it down to the furnace of our second chakra of creativity, the cauldron.

Light bubbles up into the crown chakra, but most importantly hold it in your heart. Put your hands a few inches above your heart. As you breath, stretch out that energy, see the bright red and pink hues glowing and slowly expand.

This is the LOVE. God Source. Your heart is the vessel that overflows and you now hold it in your palms, literally you see!

We are turned on, tuned up, Divine. Not allowing dogma to plug up the holes in our understanding, not allowing our mind to hold back the infinite flood of inspirations.

We made it back to the garden!






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