4 Imix intentions intentions intentions intentions

I intend to get what I worked so hard for all these years. Now. I intend to love fully deeply and endlessly. I intend to leave this world better than how I found it. I intend miracles to happen every instant.

I forgive all that has been done wrong to me, by me or around me and all my relations to the seventh degree. I look for the good in all that is. I find the best life has to offer and show my appreciation outwardly. I intend to be a receiver of love and gratitude.

This is the beginning of a 20 day cycle that ends with 10 Ahau, I like to call that “black hole sun” day! A new light source will manifest, but we may feel like we got sucked through some kind of portal to achieve it. This happens March 16. So beware the ides of march!



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