7 Lizard, re-map your synapses

The Ascension is happening, are you on board? It may be a good day to re-wire your brain cells to accept all the incoming information and process the ever increasing psychic vibrations. This is not your grandpa’s spiritual awakening, this is sped up several gearshifts since the sixties! Many of us have already done “the work” on ourselves and are not content patiently waiting for the materialists of the world to wake up from their hypnotically induced trance.

Drop the fear. Look at it closely and let it go, see what was underneath. Let that go! Replace those memories with a new vision of the future. Anyone who does not attend to their own evolution at this point will be separated into a denser reality that matches their old thought forms. We can choose consciously to live in a world where we only interact with those who match our vibrations or can help us achieve even higher states of awareness.

There are actual tools we can use if need be, one of those tools is the Authentic Maya tzol’kij calendar. Just knowing what day it is (7 Ka’at, or Lizard) keeps us from being under the control of the corporate/religion/military calendar. We can make the connection between time-keeping and materialist control versus actual spiritual development tracked by the Mayan calendar. Today is a fictitious control device called leap-day. The controllers want you to believe they “created” time, and want you to believe that the Earth travels a elliptical circle around the sun that will never alter. The Maya never placed importance on this cycle because they understood that we actually grow and change in patterns associated with the Fibonacci sequence, always approaching the perfect circle, but always just missing it!

Another new tool we have in the post-New Age of Enlightenment is binaural beat vibrations designed for specific brain synapse function enhancement. I don’t want to give away the store about this right now, but I strongly encourage you to look this up on the internet. I have been creating music based on the spiritual vibrations of the Mayan calendar sequences for at least seven tuns now. Please listen to some of the results of that creative process at http://www.cosmicjaguar.com.

So get you Ascension on! Get your Ascension in gear! Contact me at cosmicjaguar@yahoo.com to set up your Maya astrology reading today!

Peace and love,

First critter I saw this morning:


Yes – Tempus Fugit


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